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How to book a car?

1. On the home page, choose the type of vehicle you need, then the time and place of the delivery and the pickup. You can now choose among a list of vehicles at different prices.

2. To complete your booking you need to complete your personal information and upload official documents (driving license & passeport) so we can take care of all the administrative procedures with our partner car rental agencies for you.

3. Once the payment has been processed, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. Your vehicle will be booked automatically at one of our partner car rental agencies.

How does the car delivery work?

1. At least 30 minutes prior to the delivery, you’ll receive a text message with the delivery agent’s contacts. You’re free to change the time and the place of the delivery until 1 hour before your rental start time.

2. The delivery agent picks up the car from one of our partner car-rental agency’s parking, he signs the rental agreement with your name then drive the car at the delivery place. You’ll be informed with a text message when the delivery man starts to drive, then a second time when he’s close to you. You can track his trip all along on your smartphone.

3. The delivery agent parks the car as close as possible to the meeting point indicated, you’ll be informed by a text message. He’ll call you if you’re not there after 10min.

4. Once you’ve met, the delivery agent does the car condition assessment in your presence, pointing at all the existing damages. Don’t worry, the cars we provide are new and don’t show any, or very little damages. You’ll sign the car condition assessment report on smartphone, and will automatically receive a version by e-mail.

5. The delivery agent will also ask you to sign the authorization that enables him to drive the vehicles. The authorization and the rental agreement will be sent as soon as the rental starts.

6. During the delivery, you must show your driving license and the credit card with which you’ve made the booking with and it must have your name.

What to do if I have an accident?

Your contact person is the car rental agency in which the car has been rented from. You’ll find the rental agreement inside the vehicle, usually in the glovebox. In case of any issue you can contact the car rental agency for assistance.

In case of an accident , immediately secure the vehicle by using the safety kit in the vehicle: wear the yellow vest and place the warning sign (the triangle) 30 meters (98.5 feet) before the accident location. Then request help if anyone is injured and provide first aid using the emergency kit in the car until help arrives.

Once you’ve done the previous steps, contact the car rental agency for assistance. You will find the contact number on the paper agreement in the vehicle. You can find a European accident statement report in the vehicle to be completed with the other part if necessary.

How does the car pickup work?

1. You can change your mind about the date and place (restricted to the area covered by Carlili) until 1 hour before the pickup time. You can call us at +33783645892. Naturally, an extra charge may be incurred by the car rental agency if the new time changes the packages you initially paid for (cf. “I want to extend my rental”).

2. The delivery agent waits for you at the time and place you have chosen. You can double-park if needed.

3. The delivery agent does the car condition assessment in your presence again. It will be automatically sent by e-mail after you’ve signed it. In case of damages the condition assessment report will be the reference for the car rental agency.

5. In case of extra mileage or unfilled gas tank you will be charged afterwards with an e-mail notifying you of the extra-payment.

6. Your rental is now finished!

What are the the conditions to rent a car with Carlili?

You must respect the conditions imposed by our partner’s agencies:

1. Driving license:

You must be in possession of a valid European driving license with the corresponding categories that you want to rent (A1 or A2 for a scooter, B for a car or a van). For non-European residents, you need an international driving license.
If you have a “white” driving license, restricted validity, a lost or stolen declaration license you cannot rent a vehicle.
You will be asked to show your original driving license to the delivery man at the start of your rental.

2. Payment by credit card:

A credit card under your first-name and last-name must be use for the booking. You cannot book a car for a third person (except for affiliated companies).
Your account must be alimented with the amount of the insurance deductible. During the online payment, a bank authorization will be made: indeed, in case of damage validated by the asset condition report, we might withdraw the amount of the deductible from the account for the car rental agency (cf. “How much is the insurance deductible”).

3. Age restrictions and seniority of the driving license:

In most scenarios, to rent with Carlili you must be over 21 years old with a 2 years old license.

Nevertheless, there’s a few exceptions:

- Citadine: over 21 years old with a 2-year- old license bygone
- Minibus: over 23 years old with a 3-year- old license
- Sedans (Berline): over 30 years old with a 5-year- old license
- Premium: over 30 years old with a 5-year- old license

Is my foreign driving license valid?

If you have got your driving license in one of the UE country, then it is valid to drive with Carlili.
Some of our partner’s agencies accept some non-UE driving licenses if you have an international driving license translated in French. You must specify it when you are booking the vehicle.

From whom is subscribed the rental contract?

Carlili only references vehicles of professional car rental agencies. That’s why the vehicle will always be new and perfectly maintained.
After your booking on the website, your rental contract is subscribed from one of our partner’s agency. Carlili takes care of all administrative procedures for you.
The rental contract will be under your name and you benefit from the professional agency insurance.

Who assures me during my rental?

You are insured by the car rental agency’s insurance in which your vehicle has been rented. Depending on the agency, terms and conditions are slightly different.

Don’t mind asking us more about it during your booking if you have any preference on the type of insurance.

What is the maximum damages claim?

The maximum amounts to be paid for car damages are as follows:

Tourism car :

Citadine : 800€

Compact : 800€

Berlin compact : 1000€

SUV : 1000€

Family : 1000€

Berlin : 1500€

Monospace : 1500€

Minibus : 2000€


Van between 3 and 4 m3 : 1000€

Van between 5 and 14 m3 : 1500€

Van between 15 and 20 m3 : 2000€

Luxury categories :Tesla Model S or BMW I8 : 10 000€

Why can you only pay by credit card?

Payment by credit card under the name of the driver is a requirement of the car rental agencies.

Electron and Maestro cards are not accepted because they do not allow the creation of card imprint.

During the online payment, a card imprint is automatically made. This bank authorization is there to ensure that your account is financed with the deductible amount. Indeed, in case of damage validated by the asset condition report, we might withdraw the amount of the deductible from the account for the car rental agency (cf. “What is the maximum damages claim?”).

How does security deposit work (payment authorization)?

We ask a payment authorization for all our booking to ensure our partner’s agencies that your bank account is stocked to face any damage you might be responsible for.

If the vehicle is brought back damaged, for every sinister, the amount of the damage (limited by the maximum amount of the damage claims) will be automatically debited from your credit card.

Which areas are covered by Carlili?

We deliver our vehicle 24/7 everywhere in Paris and surroundings including airports and in Lyon.

Our unique condition is that our delivery agents may come back using public transport.

Why can't I make a reservation using a credit card with a different name from the primary driver?

The contracts with our partners' rental agencies require that the credit card used when paying for the booking is under the same name as the primary driver; this guarantees that the drive is insured during the trip.

When the carsitter delivers your car at the start of the trip, s/he will verify your identity by asking you to show an ID and credit card. If you are unable to provide these documents, unfortunately, the rental would be canceled*.

*This condition does not apply to vehicles booked with a professional credit card.

Why isn't my address recognized?
The delivery and recovery adresses must include the following information: 

  • Street number
  • Street name
  • City
  • Country
Train stations and metro stations are also valid adresses.

The Google auto-completion tool helps you convert your address into the proper format.

The following formats are not valid:

  • "bis", "ter" et "quarter": No need to include this in the address
  • Spell out abbreviations - here is a (non-exhaustive) list:
    • av.: use "avenue"
    • boul. ou bd: use "boulevard"
    • pl.: use "place"
    • faub. ou fg: use "faubourg"
    • cmt: use "commandant"


Example of valid adresses:

  • 208 Place Louis-Armand, Paris, France
  • 1 Rue de Rivoli, Paris, France
  • 3 Rue du Commandant René Mouchotte, Paris-14E-Arrondissement, France
  • 17 Rue Franklin, Lyon, France
  • Gare de Lyon, Place Louis-Armand, Paris, France


Under which conditions can I cancel my booking?
For all our categories except “Luxe”, you can cancel your booking for free until 24h before your rental start time.

Until 2h before delivery time, you can cancel with penalties limited to 50€ maximum. This penalty will be fully returned to the car rental agency.

For “Luxe” vehicles (type Tesla Model, BMW18…), you can cancel for free until 48h before your rental start time.
I want to modify/add an option (baby seat, winter-tires, ski-holders…)

You can add as many option as you want (baby seat, winter-tires, ski-holders…). You only need to specify it by contacting us on the online chat, by calling us (+33783645892) or sending an e-mail (on the website or at You’ll be informed about the prices of the chosen options.

Few examples:

Baby seat :
- 10€/d for a rental under 3 days

- 25€ for a rental from 3 to 7 days

- 25€ per week for a rental over 8 days

Refueling : 3€ + gas at cost price

Moving-out/in help "muscle man" : 25€ per hour.

I want to add a second driver

No problem: you can add up to 2 other drivers for free.

If you want to add more than 2 drivers, you will be charged 20€ for each additional driver.

I would like to extend my rental
You can extend you rental for free within the limit of your initial package. You only need to call us at +33783645892 until 2h before the initial pickup time.

In the event exceeding your package, we will need to contact the car rental agency to check if it accepts the change of package. If not, we could find you another vehicle for the extra time you are asking for; we will have to proceed with the car exchange and the extra payment.
How does mileage work?

During the booking process, you can define how many miles you would like to drive during each trip. You are free to change these amounts before you finalize the booking.

As part of the vehicle condition assessment, the odometer is recorded at the beginning and end of the rental.

Travelers are responsible for a charge for each additional kilometer driven over the allowance. The cost varies from 0.25€ to 1.50€ for each extra kilometer, depending on the pre-determined mileage limit selected during the booking process and type of vehicle.

Cost for each additional kilometer by type of vehicle:
  • Smart, Urban, Compact, Compcat Sedan and S.U.V.: 0,30 €/km
  • Family car: 0.35 €/km
  • Berline, monospace et minibus: 0.40 €/km
  • Premium: 0.45 €/km 
  • TESLA: 1.50 €/km
  • 3 et 5m3 vans: 0.25€/km
  • 10 et 12m3 vans: 0.3€/km
  • 20m3 vans: 0.4€/km
Once your trip has ended, our team will review the number of kilometers driven as compared to the mileage package selected to determine if there has been excess mileage. In this case, you will receive an email detailing the amount due for overpassing the allotted mileage included initially in the booking.

What happened if I don’t refill the gas tank?

At Carlili, we refuse to charge an indecent price for gas refilling!

We prefer to charge you 3€ for the delivery agent compensation for the extra service and charge you the gas at cost price.

What happens if I get a fine?

If you get caught by speed camera or get a parking fine, you can simply notify us during the pickup.
It is possible that the rental agency receives the fine as the car owner, and sends it to you without notifying us, in this case, you can pay it directly.

Else, the rental agency usually sends the fine to Carlili, and we’ll inform you as quickly as possible.


What happens if I damage the vehicle?

If you are responsible for the damage or if no third person has been identified (example: a damage happened in the parking), the car repairs are covered by the car rental agency insurance, but you pay the repairs within the limit of the insurance deductible. For instance, for a Citadine, with a 800€ franchise, a 150€ scratch will cost you 150€. But if you have an accident with a 2000€ repair, you will pay 800€.

What happens if the carsitter has an accident?

Although the rental agreement is under your name, we have our own insurance Axa that insures the delivery agents during the conveying. Your insurance or your driver’s bonus/malus will, under no circumstances be impacted, and you will not have to pay anything.

You are responsible for the car from the moment you have picked the car up until you gave it back.

It has never happened, if a delivery agent has an accident during the delivery, we are committed to finding a replacement vehicle from our partner’s agencies. If applicable, you will be refunded from any taxi costs you might need to pick up the car.

I just had an accident : what should I do?

The first thing to do is to avoid another accident : put yourself and all the people traveling with you in a safe place like behind the security fence if you are on a highway. Then call 112. If another vehicle has been crashed make sure all their occupants are safe. Otherwise securize the area as much as possible : put the yellow vest that is inside the car and install the warning triangle (that is also inside the car) ahead of the trafic in order for other vehicles to understand that they should lower their speed as an accident has just occurred.


Does my Visa Premier or Mastercard Gold card cover the refund of the insurance deductible?

If you have paid with a card that offers the damage waiver (partial or total) service you may use it, indeed you will be in possession of a professional rental agreement and the agency’s bill under your name can be sent if needed. You can easily check you bank card terms and conditions on our partner’s website : Fluo.

We strongly advice you get inform because some or vehicles or types of trips are not concerned by credit cards damage waivers.

Can I rent a motorcycle, a camper-van, an equipped van, a luxurious car or any other original vehicle?

One of the main advantage of our service is that we can work with any kind of vehicle renting agencies. If you have any “special” demand, please contact us and we will do our best to find it! One of our qualified delivery agents will bring it to you.

Regarding the prices, we will make you a proposition case by case.

For example, we’ve already delivered refrigerating vehicles, collectors’ cars, scooters…

Lost or stolen driving license?

You can show us an official lost or stolen statement paper if it is associated with two valid ID’s such as an ID card and a passport.

Can I tip the carsitter?

We have explicitly asked the delivery agents never to accept tips. We recommend you don’t give any. If you want, you can always “congratulate” your delivery agent by sending an email to so we can give him a bonus. It will certainly be taken into account on the agent evaluation that has an impact on his remuneration.